“The sky is red. Stars hang by a thread. The ground is green. The landscape is made of watermelon. Who made this place?”

I have to thank the kind stranger, from a certain networking event, ┬áthat told me about watercolor brushes in Photoshop. I was able to buy them last weekend and in doing so, I saved a whole bunch of time. Photoshop, the all mighty tool of image manipulation (and much more) has all sorts of complexities, and one of them is the capacity to customize your own brushes. I spent a few hours trying to make my own brushes, but as the stranger said that I should not waste time doing that since you can buy sets of brushes… It is working, much better than I expected too!

However, like everything else, I must spend countless hours mastering these new brushes. I’m all too glad to do so… Page 3 is complete and I will move on to Page 4.


With a little bit of luck I should be able to get to page 6 this weekend…

Dereck C.